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Solar Water Heating

Revolutionising household hot water access, this cost-effective solution combines innovative technology and strategic design to create solar water heaters. Crafted with advanced high-heat-resistant polymers, the heaters guarantee durability and optimal performance in diverse conditions. The integrated tank and panel design simplifies installation with a plug-and-play setup.


The commitment to mass production via injection blow molding ensures quality consistency and affordability. Priced from $50 to $400 for 50L to 200L sizes, these solar water heaters provide clean and sustainable hot water for a broad consumer base.


Partnering with hardware stores, the business has secured three letters of intent, affirming market interest and establishing a reliable distribution channel. As the business expands, the project owners are confident solar water heaters will transform how households meet hot water needs, promoting sustainability and affordability.

SECTOR: Manufacturing

TICKET SIZE: $1 000 000


LOCATION: South Africa


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