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Solar Powered Cooling Systems

The business produces solar-powered kiosks that act as self-sufficient energy hubs, tapping into abundant solar resources to reduce reliance on traditional power. Integrated refrigeration units extend product shelf life, benefiting businesses in agriculture, food retail, and healthcare. 

The kiosks also feature computers, fostering digital connectivity for SMEs to streamline operations. The business is committed to affordability, ensures accessibility, promoting economic growth and community development by empowering entrepreneurs and creating job opportunities in underserved regions. 

It envisions a future where SMEs in Africa have reliable access to energy and cooling, transforming the business landscape and fostering sustainable growth. Through their interconnected solar-powered kiosks, the business strives to bridge the energy gap and empowers businesses to thrive in an increasingly interconnected and competitive world.

SECTOR: Renewable Energy

TICKET SIZE: $0 - $1 000 000




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