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Phosphate Mine Angola

The client for this Angolan phosphate transaction in Cabinda Province is an Australian listed company that has already invested more than $15m into the project.  The Angolan Government is the offtaker for the initial phosphate production. The end buyers will be Angolan farmer co-operatives with export to DRC farming entities as production increases.  All contracts are in USD so there will be no local currency risk.

Funding required:

USD$30m: $5m equity and $25m debt

The equity can either be a private placement at the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) level or as a private placement of equity into Mauritius.  The transaction (debt and equity) can be structured in Mauritius under English law and the funds on-lent into Angola.

The debt can be senior secured and lent via a Mauritian Special Purpose Vehicle for these banks. 


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