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PAYG Tractor Finance

Connecting an Ecosystem: this IoT infrastructure supports the entire mechanization value-chain, creating a managed marketplace of tractor owners and booking agents along defined routes, ensuring farmers are organized and tractors are fully booked. Work is tracked, and payments are captured through IoT technology and the MasterCard payment rail.

As financing to purchase a tractor is virtually nonexistent and buying a tractor with implements for 1 ha of land doesn’t make sense, this IoT infrastructure has created aggregated tractor services radically improving how smallholders are producing.

Efficiently addressing the constraints to accessing machines:

• Lack of farmer coordination across the last mile with fragmented demand

• Low number of tractors in market

Providing benefits of tractor service for farmers:

• Plant on time

• 63% average savings

• Upwards of 3x increase in yields

Launched operations in 2015, showing strong performance:

• 40% year on year growth

• 3,000+ tractors on the platform

• 500K+ hectares services

Location: Africa

Investment Required: $1M for Hello Tractor and up to $25M for tractor financing


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