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Mozambique Commodity Large Scale Production - Expansion

With favourable support from the Mozambique government, abundant resources and an experienced CEO this portfolio of 5 established sustainable agricultural businesses (DUAT grants) in Mozambique started operations in 2016 and is now well-positioned for expansion. Current production is non-perishable commodities produced with offtake agreements in hand from reputable buyers.

The CEO has 20 years’ experience in large scale agriculture, having set up and successfully run the management of own farming operations in 6 Southern African Countries.

  • Initially production of non-GMO cotton seed for a multinational client, production has diversified to include fruit, nuts, oil seeds and grain.

  • The management team has developed strong collaborations with reputable offtakers leading to demand driven development.

  • Reduction of poverty and improve food security in the rural communities where they farm - development of substantial outgrower programs helping

Locations: Sofala, Inhambane and Manica Provinces in Mozambique

Funding required:

  • US$25m expansion investment

  • World Bank Grant currently in negotiation


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