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Malawi Fertilizer Manufacturer and Distributor, and Agri Trader

The company, incorporated in Mauritius with HQ in Malawi, is a manufacturer and distributor of fertilizer and trader of agricultural commodities across Malawi, Mozambique, Zambia and Zimbabwe.

  • Owned by a Saudi Arabia Mining Company (85%) and Tigerfishes Investment (15%)

  • Has a total of 20 subsidiaries with shareholding of about 100% in each across Malawi, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia

  • Products include fertilizer, agricultural implements, FMCG products and building materials.

  • Strong management team, includes founding company members, with industry expertise and unique understanding of Meridian’s markets.

  • Operates c.110 retail stores across Malawi


Supplies small-scale farmer purchasing fertilizer from a rural retail depot, through to commercial farming enterprises, NGOs and Government growing schemes.

Facilitates the distribution of over 600,000 tons of fertilizer throughout Southern Africa.

  • Main product is fertilizer (Superfertbrand). Other products include agricultural implements, FMCG products and building materials

  • Sells products through third party retailers in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Zambia

  • Raw materials are sourced from global producers and imported into the ports of Nacalaand Beira

  • Exceptional in-country logistics and route-to-market managed by Meridian

Other business operations include:

Agricultural commodities: trades soya beans, maize, wheat and ground nuts in Malawi, Mozambique and Zimbabwe. Provides technical advice to small scale farmers. Owned infrastructure includes commodities storage volume –12,000mti & milling capacity –30MT of flour per day.

Annual trading volumes –70,000 tonnes

Salt production: 1,000-hectare salt farm located on the rail line near the port of Nacala, which supplies refined, iodised salt to Malawi and Mozambique

Key Customers

  • Commercial (Illovo, Universal Tobacco, Tongaat, JTI, Alliance One)

  • Retail to smallholders through retail outlets and wholesale partners

  • Government Programs (Zimbabwe, Malawi, Zambia)

  • NGO’s

Investment required: for procurement of raw material, logistics , value addition through fertilizer blending

Trade financing facility between c.US$50 –US$70m


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