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Macadamia Expansion Project

Africa's largest macadamia plantation and processing plant in KZN, SA: This is a major multi-phase project, currently in phase 1 (3,000 ha) and increasing to up to 14,000 ha in future, with potential for further expansion. The programme has been adopted by the KZN Provincial Government as a catalytic project.

This conversion of a currently profitable forestry plantation into macadamia plantations and beneficiation is environmentally beneficial as it includes water conservation and rehabilitation. The project will provide substantial economic transformation impact via major employment development, rolling out large scale training, entrepreneurial initiatives and environmental programmes to create a sustainable integrated rural economy.

  • There is a secured offtake in USD via export.

  • Jobs created:

    • - On 3,000ha project: Direct jobs: 3,150, Indirect jobs: 9,000

    • - On full 14,000ha project: Direct jobs: 14,450, Indirect jobs: 42,000

Location: North-Eastern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Funding required:

First phase funding (3,000ha): US$27m equity or blended finance. To develop full 14,000ha the total investment is US$126m.

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