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Farm Cost Management AgTech Solution

Farm Management Simplified – a hard-wearing technology proven in the field that electronically records and manages most costs on farms, saving significant time and improving productivity

  • 26 years of development and experience in the industry

  • Cloud-based AgriTech (operates from remote locations) – integrated reliable software solutions for Payroll (time, attendance and piecework), Farm Management and a Fleet Manager application, extends to other systems such as orchard management (spray and production), payroll, fleet and fuel management.

  • Portability and flexibility, the system is used on big and small farms, as well as other industries.

  • Robust and battle proven technical solutions - combines proven software technology with GSM enabled hardware designed to operate in environmentally unfriendly circumstances

  • The Opportunity:

  • Explosive potential: poised for growth this proven technology offering and successful business model is ready for SCALEABLE distribution

  • More than 630 active clients in South Africa with new initiatives in Australia, Namibia and Zimbabwe

  • Untapped SADEC and Global markets

  • Solid basis for further technology innovation

  • Conduit for collecting Big Data and enabling AgriTech

  • No real direct competition in the Agri specific costing software space

  • Niche and customizable solutions

  • Strong and experienced team in place

  • GSM & Cloud-based solutions

  • Track record of client service

Location: Gauteng, South Africa

Investment Required: on request


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