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Electric Mobility

As a provider of electric two-wheelers and a cutting-edge smart mobility platform, this solution is designed specifically for the dynamic landscapes of African cities. These electric bikes empower individuals to effortlessly transport goods, eliminating the need for a traditional license.

Featuring removable batteries that can be conveniently charged at home or swapped at our dedicated stations, our riders enjoy a seamless experience. Prepayment for full charges is made easy through mobile money transactions. With a state-of-the-art IoT technology, asset tracking and optimisation, maximizing efficiency and convenience is ensured..

Apart from creating e-mobility solutions, the company also revolutionizes opportunities for women, youth, and unemployed populations. Navigating crowded roads, these bikes create avenues for economic empowerment and social inclusion.

SECTOR: E-Mobility

TICKET SIZE: $2 000 000




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