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Electric Charging Stations

With the imminent rise of electric vehicles (EVs), the necessity for accessible travel on every road becomes apparent. Presently, EV drivers face limitations when venturing beyond major cities due to the absence of charging stations.

In response, this business is pioneering the development of a nationwide intercity rapid electric car charging network, designed to be 100% off the grid, independent of Eskom, and environmentally sustainable. Our innovative approach integrates green technologies, predominantly relying on solar power supplemented by green hydrogen generators.

Currently, we have approximately 100 sites in various stages of land approval, with hundreds more in the pipeline. This strategic expansion aims to redefine the EV landscape, making long-distance travel a seamless and eco-friendly experience for all.

SECTOR: Green Transport

TICKET SIZE: $51 000 000 - $100 000 000

FINANCE TYPE: Initally: Equity (or similar) + Grants

 Later Stage: Debt financing

LOCATION: South Africa


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