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E-mobility for Cargo

This e-mobility company revolutionises last-mile and short-distance delivery with locally manufactured cargo e-bikes, offering a green and cost-effective solution to meet the rising demand for sustainable transportation. These cargo e-bikes are available for rent to delivery drivers, utilising a fixed station-per-area approach with rental options for two shifts throughout the week and two shifts on weekends. Remarkably, each cargo e-bike contributes to the creation of 2.5 long-term jobs, fostering local employment opportunities.

In its ambitious plan to launch 1000 cargo e-bikes and establish 40 stations between 2024 and 2025, the business aims to generate a total of 2500 long-term jobs, making a substantial impact on the community and economy.

The cargo e-bikes are not just vehicles; they are IoT-enabled, and equipped with cutting-edge software for easy booking, renting, and remote locking by delivery drivers. The real-time monitoring system detects incidents, and roadside assistance is readily available to ensure a seamless delivery experience.

The stations feature solar charging, contributing to more effective carbon offset initiatives, and the company is committed to sustainability, evident in a completed CO2 life cycle study on our cargo e-bikes.

SECTOR: Transportation & Logistics

TICKET SIZE: $500 000


LOCATION: South Africa


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