• Wendy de la Harpe

Women-owned Macadamia Project – 100ha Development

In partnership with and mentored by highly experienced private technical macadamia specialists performing the project management and capacitation roles this greenfield macadamia development with intercropping of cash crops by women entrepreneurs (adjacent to a large-scale macadamia and forestry operation) is the establishment of 20 000 macadamia trees on 100 hectares, 100% women-owned, managed and operated.

  • Aims to develop a sustainable enterprise to ensure long-term revenue flows towards community upliftment.

  • Board consists of 5 directors, all local women and business and community leaders. The Chairman is a locally stationed businesswomen involved in a wide range of development and social upliftment projects with over 30 years’ experience in development matters.

  • Phase 1-2 - 2020/22: 100-hectares, total trees planted 20 000. Plus 50-hectares of cash crops.

  • 99% of nuts will be exported after processing.

  • Will be incorporated in the marketing channels from the adjacent macadamia programme.

Location: North-eastern KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa

Funding required: Total capital requirements US$6m over seven years. Can be blended finance. IRR 33%. Breakeven for operational cash-flow in 2026/27.

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