• Wendy de la Harpe

Prime Macadamia Plantation Expansion

Currently a going concern (avocados, mangos, forestry and macadamia) with proven sustainability and a strong infrastructure base, this farming enterprise of 1,300ha prime agricultural land has enormous potential requiring limited upgrading to carry expanded development.

  • Abundance of production factors available.

  • Local management capacity and partnership with technical expertise in place.

  • Stable environment with strong leadership

  • Close to the macadamia processing facility (within 5 km).

  • Sufficient water from ground sources and ideal climate.

  • Climate suitable for macadamia and sub-tropical fruit development

  • Strategic fit with provincial and municipal planning.

  • Project will provide for ±85 permanent and ±1 180 temporary job opportunities once fully developed.

Location: Northern Limpopo Province, South Africa

Funding required:

US$3m per 100ha phased Macadamia plantation expansion

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