• Wendy de la Harpe

Ghana Cashew Processing Expansion

  • Established in 2010, now one of the top 3 leading importers of frozen poultry, meat and fish in Ghana.

  • Currently cultivating 7,300 acres of farmland focusing on cashew (Intercropping with maize)

  • 82 employees across operations

  • Work with a network of over 12,000 farmers in Ghana and Burkina Faso

Recent additions:

  • construction of a new 15,000 MT capacity cold store in Tema

  • secured a warehouse at the harbor in Tema for cashew storage


- purchase 3,000 additional farmland to expand cultivation of cashew

- cashew processing for export to Europe by end of 2021

- increase trading volumes from 1,600MT in 2020 to 7,000MT in 2021

- procure farm equipment for operation of cashew plantation

- planting of minimum of 1,000 acres of cashew per year

- set up a cashew processing plant – 6,000MT capacity

Location: Tema, Ghana

Funding Required: Seeking investment of US$15m

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