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Carbon Compensation Project

This is a carbon compensation project and digital platform, addressing climate-vulnerable landscapes using a community “pay to grow” model where green jobs are created and nature gains more economic value than the practices that have fueled deforestation. 977,000 of 50+ varieties of tree species have been planted, digitally tracked, and growing since 2020 to manage the risks of landslides, flooding, heat stress, and more. Customers decide where trees are planted and receive regular micro-payments to grow trees which are geo-tagged and tracked quarterly to ensure survival. The company attaches value (a ‘token’) to each tree to create a market for reforestation through the carbon market and other impact investments to sustainably finance the trees’ growth, support further tree growing and build of ecological infrastructure to ensure equitable and sustainable pathways to climate adaptation.

SECTOR: Ecosystem Restoration Carbon Compensation Project

TICKET SIZE: $10 000 000 - $20 000 000

LOCATION: Sierra Leone


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